Fall and Winter Fowl Season

The heat in Middle Tennessee this summer has been oppressive, without a doubt. As always, never fear, summer (vacation) speeds past us every year….and fall is around the corner.

With fall, comes fall outdoor activities…more fishing as well as dove hunting….and duck hunting (in the winter).

How to handle all that fowl?

We love to smoke-roast dove and duck breast. It is a tremendous appetizer or meal.

Bacon-Wrapped Dove and Duck Breast
Bacon-Wrapped Dove and Duck Breast

Once cleaned and breasted, these dark meat birds have a unique rich, earthy taste. The meat is very lean, so it is important to wrap the breasts in bacon (and secure with a toothpick) to provide some fat

Prior to wrapping, an overnight marinade is not necessary, but helps tremendously. We recommend a salty brine, such as Allegro, for the marinade.

Once wrapped in bacon, the “breasts of fowl” can be placed on a 275 degree cooker for about 45 minutes. Check the breasts every 10 minutes after the first 30 minutes. You do not want to overcook.

Pull from the cooker and enjoy.

(as an option, “poppers” are wonderful…simply add 1/2 jalapeno pepper and a sliver of cream cheese to your bacon wrapped breast.)

All the best, Tequila Sheila!

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