July 4th – It Is Rib Time!

The annual July 4th celebration is fast approaching. Some people think hot dogs…..we think pork ribs.

There are many different methods that produce tasty ribs….often times, the method that produces the most ribs in the fastest time is the one chosen.

We think there is great method to produce world class ribs in a time element that is acceptable.

First things first…..we prefer St. Louis Cut ribs…we don’t hate on full spare ribs, baby backs, or back loins…..we prefer St. Louis cut based on their uniform size, meat volume, and handling ease.

Smoked St. Louis Style Ribs
Smoked St. Louis Style Ribs

To prepare your ribs, remove from packaging and pull the membrane from the boneside…..Tip: utilize a paper towel to grip and rip the membrane.

Spread Tequila Sheila Pork Rub liberally on both sides……Place on cooker at 275 degrees for 2 hours…..after 2 hours, remove ribs….at this point, it is time to add flavor – anything you like…..butter, honey, and brown sugar for sweet flavor…..pepper, onion, red pepper for heat….or a combination.

Once the ribs are ‘celebrated’ double-wrap each rack in aluminum foil…place back on the the cooker at 275-300 degrees for 2 additional hours…..even 2.5 will work……depends on the size of the rib rack.

Remove from the cooker….and place in a cooler for 30-60 minutes…..pull, cut, and serve.

Enjoy the Fourth ….. our Independence!

All the best, Tequila Sheila!

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