Sheila Gets a Facelift

Posted By on Feb 17, 2016 |

According to popular culture, a person is never too young for a little modification / maintenance. A small lift here and a small reduction there can create a “whole new you.” So says plastic surgery marketing.

Well, the same is true for 2500 lbs of ¼ inch steel with 6 years of entertainment wear.

After 6 years, Tequila Sheila was beginning to show her wear. It was time for a “little rejuvenation.”

Though discussed and planned during previous winters, the maintenance work was not completed until the winter of 2016. Although plastic surgeons can be found on billboards, internet, and yellow pages, welders / fabricators / painters are more difficult to find. After some research and extensive interviews, we selected a proper candidate to perform the work.

Tequila Sheila needed maintenance welding on both her door counterbalances. Small cracks had developed in the welds which in turn allowed water entry which caused larger cracks … and so on. After 6 years, Sheila also needed a slight internal alteration to provide better smoke and heat flow across her grates. A small change which should really enhance the cooking.

With any working girl, once the “soul” is repaired, the façade needs to be upgraded. Sheila is no different. Tequila Sheila needed a full round of sandblasting to remove all paint and considerable corrosion. The sandblasting offered a dual purpose:

  1. Remove all paint and corrosion
  2. Prepare the surface for coat of high temperature paint. (The sandblasting actually creates additional surface area which provide better paint adhesion … but I digress.)

As you can see from the before / after photos, the maintenance work was a complete success. As popular culture would suggest, you cannot be the real you until all your elements are repaired. Well, Tequila Sheila is repaired and ready to be the real her!