View from the Pit – Chapter 2 – Brisket: A Love Affair

Posted By on Jun 9, 2016 |

Master philosophers throughout the world have tried to define the meaning of life’s struggles. From Empiricism to Idealism and Stoicism to Existentialism, these philosophers have bored college students to sleep with longwinded, big-worded nonsense. A brief review of each school of thought taught me one thing: None of these people have ever tried to smoke the perfect brisket.

The quest for perfect brisket embodies each and every struggle described by each of these schools of philosophy. Any human who has spent 12-15 hours smoking steer chest muscles with mouth watering anticipation, only to have the finished product taste and feel like old kangaroo leg has felt all human emotions and struggles at once.

I am asked often how to smoke the perfect brisket. I have no issue providing recipes and instruction, but even a detailed recipe cannot guarantee a perfect brisket. It will help, but once you understand how to get the taste desired, then you want to work on the perfect texture. Once you get the perfect texture, your taste has changed…then on to appearance. It is very difficult to get taste, texture, and appearance all to the “perfect” level. It is like a maddening three sided rubic’s cube. Thus, the quest….and the pain.

I hope I can speed your quest:

  1. Meat Selection – Higher level grade – I prefer Angus Brisket in the 16-18 lb size.
  2. Trimming – Trim the brisket – 1-2 inches from the sides; remove large fatty hump on the Point. Remove fat cap to ¼ to ½ inch think.
  3. Rub – Tequila Sheila Big Beef Rub – Apply liberally.
  4. Wood – Oak and Hickory are preferred.
  5. Water pan – this is imperative.
  6. Temperature 225 – 275 degrees F (250).
  7. Smoke until internal temperature is 165 deg.
  8. Wrap brisket in foil or covered foil pan – Cool to 200 deg F.
  9. Place brisket in cooler for 1-2 hours to allow brisket to rest.

Total time is 10-12 hours. Find a good book to read or find good friends with whom to drink beer and discuss philosophy.

Always remember:

“The Path to Wisdom (and perfect brisket) is not short. It is not fun (except for sometimes.). It is not easy.” Tequila Sheila’s Brisket School of Philosophy. (We expect to be discussed with Socrates, Kant, and Sartre someday!)